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How is Strong Zero® made?

Strong Zero® is a beverage with innovative technology from Japan. For manufacturer Suntory, it wasn't just about offering a can with a maximum of alcohol, it didn't make sense.

After many test phases, Suntory came to the conclusion that a Shochu-based drink (Japanese distilled alcohol, comparable to vodka) with an addition of fruit would be very interesting from a taste point of view. So they started working on different recipes, but quickly realized that adding simple fruit juice to Shochu would mechanically increase not only sugar but calories as well.

Modern drinkers are obviously looking for taste and enjoyment, but also for a product that does not contain more calories than necessary. With this in mind, Suntory has developed a unique liquid nitrogen manufacturing process.

In fact, they understood that by immersing fresh fruit in nitrogen, they could fix the entire taste without having to preserve the juice, which is very rich in calories.

The "-196°C" method was born. In this way, the taste characteristics of the fruit can be preserved without the disadvantages associated with calories. This drink, halfway between the classic Highball (spirits mixed with soda or mineral water) and Shochu, had to find a name. So the term CHU-HI gradually became a code of conduct ("CHU" for shoCHU and "HI" for HIghball).

For over ten years, Suntory has been producing a variety of Strong Zero® fruit drinks, often depending on the season. Their bestseller remains the Strong Zero® Double Lemon, because it shows that citrus fruits are particularly suitable for this unique production method.

Here's how to make a Strong Zero® in a simplified way:

Strong Zero® is neither a beer nor a premix and certainly not a classic strong alcohol (spirits), but a modern drink that has been meeting the demands of connoisseurs for over a decade.

Strong Zero® is finally available in Switzerland (we also ship to neighbouring countries), take a look at our complete range here.

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