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STRONG ZERO is an innovative drink from Japan. It is not beer, it is not a mixer, it is a whole new drink category. In Japan it is called CHUHI (for shoCHU and HIghball). Shochu is an alcohol made from potatoes or rice. A highball is a drink made from strong alcohol (vodka, whisky...) and mixed with soda or mineral water.

STRONG ZERO is made from fresh fruits frozen at -196 C. This process preserves the taste of the fruit. They are then soaked in alcohol and finally carbonated. The result is a drink that is very smooth to drink, even though it contains 9% by volume. It doesn't contain sugar and so has a lower calorie count than similar drinks.

Suntory currently holds the World Guinness Record for the highest sales volume in ready-to-drink spirits with a whopping 243 million liters sold in 2018.


1. Can I find Strong Zero at my local retailer?

- This drink is not exported outside of Japan by the manufacturer and we are among the few companies that have direct access to Strong Zero and the ability to supply large quantities.

2. What's the best before date for Strong Zero drinks?

- The expiry date is 12 months after production. We only source the drinks directly from the manufacturers, so you can be sure that the products have been freshly made. However, please take into account the transit time as boat shipping can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to reach its destination country.

3. I read that Strong Zero is the 'black out' drink, is it true?

- As with any strong alcoholic drink, consuming large quantities can lead to heavy intoxication. We don't condone extreme drinking practices (binge drinking) and recommend that your exercise caution and drink responsibly. Never operate machinery or drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

4. How many flavors are available?

- Strong Zero has core flavors such as Double Lemon, Double Grapefruit, Dry or Plum. These are available year round. Suntory also produces seasonal flavors such as Apple, Strawberry, Pineapple or Tangerine. Please contact us here to check the availability of any particular product.

5. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for professional resellers ?

- Whether it's for Strong Zero or beers, the MOQ is 1 pallet (asian format 110cmx110cm). One pallet can hold about 90 cases of 24x350ml cans. For retail customers, there is no minimum order size.

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